Part 1: Nabi Saleh Protests Against Israeli Blood Diamonds 25-06-2010.wmv

28 Jun
planxtysumoud | June 25, 2010 | 9:54

Today, yet again, protestors in Nabi Salah were subjected to merciless Israeli violence with one youth injured and ambulanced away for treatment. This time, however, the perpetrators were repeatedly challenged by a brave, brave woman: Huwaida Arraf, who blocked with her body two Israeli Occupation Forces soldiers from firing killer, high velocity tear gas projectiles at some stone throwing youth. With telling truth she informed them that: "The demonstration was over and their continued presence was designed to provoke and intimidate and to go home". Her pleas were in vain as the IOF made continuous terrorising forays on foot and jeep into the village until late into the evening. Prior to the protest, at the cermony in the village square honouring the many Palestinians jailed for inordinate periods of time by Israel for resisting the Occupation, she urged people of live conscience worldwide to boycott Israeli blood diamonds as the cut diamonds are the foundation of the Israeli economy and amount to some $20 billion in exports annually. Huwaida Arraf is a Palestinian-American human rights activist who co-founded the International Solidarity Movement and is currently chair of the Free Gaza Movement, she was on board Challenger 1, one of the six siege-breaking ships ferrying desperately needed humanitarian supplies to Gaza when the flotilla was murderously attacked in international waters by Israeli commandos on 31st May 2010 – nine other human rights activists aboard the Turkish ship, Mavi Marmara were murdered in cold blood, . Huwaida witnessed the terrorist attack on the Marmara before her own ship was boarded and its passengers and crew subjected to Israeli savagery. In August 2008, Huwaida was on the Free Gaza boats that sailed from Cyprus to Gaza, the first boats to challenge Israel's closure of the Strip and dock in Gaza Port in over 40 years. She has since lead 4 other successful solidarity missions to Gaza with the Free Gaza Movement. In February 2009 Huwaida was part of a National Lawyers Guild delegation that traveled to Gaza to document possible Israeli violations of international law and war crimes that may have been committed during Operation Cast Lead

Part 1: Nabi Saleh Protests Against Israeli Blood Diamonds 25-06-2010.wmv

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