Max Blumenthal – Video: Rapture Ready, the Christians United for Israel convention

11 Feb

Published February 10, 2010 on Palestine Think Tank


By Mary Rizzo

Max Blumenthal is just fantastic, as usual. His approach, halfway between deadpan and ironic, always allows the persons interviewed to feel free to express themselves, and the platform he offers them provides us with an image that we have to see and try to understand.

Christian Zionists are a very strange reality. Fundamentalists whose greatest desire is to see the destruction of the universe so that the Lord can sort out the good (them) from the bad (everyone who is not them), their influence is often underestimated and their mania is certainly not taken with the degree of attention it merits due to the dangerous implications it entails.

CUFI claims membership soaring above 50 million members. FIFTY MILLION people who believe that the purpose of their faith is to bring the world to the most rapid closure possible. The sooner the better, and tomorrow won't be a day too soon.

We've written about CUFI here:  and here:

But, as they say, seeing is believing, and Max lets us see a bit of what goes on at the CUFI convention… before they make him leave, that is…  "Rapture Ready" is a MUST SEE VIDEO! Max is the man!

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