George Galloway Reports on Viva Palestina Gaza Caravan

05 Feb
Published February 4,2009 on Palestine Video

Al Awda Activist Lamis Deek MCs evening of poetry, talk, and song, starting here with poet Tahani Salah, and then British MP George Galloway reporting on his December 

Viva Palestina Caravan of trucks with supplies to Gaza and their bloody difficulties with Egyptian dictator Mubarak's resistance before eventually allowing them to enter Gaza, but for only 48 hours. Afterward Egypt deports Galloway and says no more truck caravans. So Galloway begins recruiting for an international convoy of boats from Turkey to Gaza to deliver building supplies, returning full of Gaza items for sale, from Gaza grown produce to whatever, even souvenier beach pebbles. Some of the actual fundraising for the convoy follows his talk, including a contribution and talk by Neturei Karta Rabbi.
This video replaces earlier one with audio/video synchronization problem. Camera, edit, Joe Friendly 

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