Accusations of Israeli IDF theft of organs of Haiti victims

25 Jan

By Iqbal Tamimi

The Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot published an article today 20th January, 2010 about a warning by an American Citizen from Washington who accused the crew of the Israeli Defence Force in Haiti of stealing the organs of the victims and he said these acts of theft are aimed at for the purpose of sale.

These warnings came from a man called T – West on utube, West said that the IDF are involved in the theft of the organs of the Haitians and that he wanted to warn the people of Haiti about stealing the organs of their family members for trade purposes.
In a telephone interview West said:

“I do not hate Israel, and I am not a politician and I am working in a non-profit organisation, but I saw what you have done in South Africa, and know that you were involved in the theft of organs of Palestinians in the past. The theft of body organs is not the policy of the IDF but a small number of the IDF are doing that”

West linked between his findings and the incidents of arresting a number of Jews in USA who were charges of trafficking in human organs.,7340,L-3836929,00.html

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