Nebi Salah 15-1-10 demonstration against the creeping annexation of the village lands

16 Jan
Published JANUARY 16, 2010 on Palestine Video

Villagers from the Palestinian village of An Nabi Saleh (population
approx 500), located in the north of the Ramallah district, held its
fourth demonstration in three weeks against creeping settlement
expansion and land confiscation by the illegal Israeli settlement of
Hallamish (also known as Neve Tzuf)

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An Nabi Salih: Resistance to Settlement Expansion Met With Military Violence
International Solidarity Movement (ISM)

Date: January 16, 2010
Israeli forces must have anticipated the large response to the An Nabi
Salih Popular Struggle’s callout for international solidarity in their
4th consecutive Friday demonstration on January 15th. Three
International Solidarity Movement (ISM) activists were turned away
from the seldom-staffed partial checkpoint of ‘Atara, between Ramallah
and An Nabi Salih. Fortunately, a back route was established and the
group made it to the village, joining 10 other internationals, a dozen
journalists and over 300 Palestinians.

The hilltop village of An Nabi Salih has a population of approximately
500 residents and is located 30 kilometers northeast of Ramallah along
highway 465. The demonstration protested the illegal seizure of
valuable agricultural land and the January 9th 2010 uprooting of
hundreds of the village resident’s olive trees by the Hallamish (Neve
Zuf) settlement located on highway 465, opposite An Nabi Salih.
Conflict between the settlement and villagers reawakened in the past
month due to the settler’s attempt to re-annex An Nabi Salih land
despite the December 2009 Israeli court case that ruled the property
rights of the land to the An Nabi Salih residents. The confiscated
land of An Nabi Salih is located on the Hallamish side of highway 465
and is just unfortunately one of many expansions of the settlement
since it’s establishment in 1977.

The plan for the demonstration was to march from the hilltop village
and down to the seized fields in an attempt to reach the land. Less
than one kilometer into the march, demonstrators met military jeeps,
Israeli soldiers and unsparing amounts of tear gas blocking the road.
Occupation resisters successfully forced the military to retreat a few
hundred meters and an avenue to continue the march towards the fields
through a valley between the road an the An Nabi Salih village was
created. Military forces defended the settler-confiscated lands from
multiple points including the road leading up to the village, highway
465 and a hilltop in An Nabi Salih using tear gas, sound bombs, rubber
coated bullets and live ammunition.

Major struggles to reach the land occurred in the valley and on the
lower portion of the access road to An Nabi Salih with sporadic
outbreaks of force throughout the area. By 4pm, soldiers were forced
into retreat to the base of the road (tear gas canisters rained
intermittently until dusk) and a deal was made between the Popular
Committee and the military for the release of the seven Palestinians
arrested during the demonstration, three of which were woman arrested
at the demonstration’s inception. Accounts of military violence during
their detention at the Hallamish settlement were reported by multiple
arrestees. One Palestinian resister was severely wounded by a tear gas
canister resulting in a large gash in his head requiring emergency
evacuation and medical attention by the Palestinian Red Crescent

Seven International Solidarity Movement volunteers participated in the
demonstration by shooting video, taking photos, offering medical aid
and witnessing frontline violence and arrests.


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