Mideast Youth Newsletter – January 15, 2010

16 Jan
Dear friends,

Since 2006, Mideast Youth has been working nonstop on human rights
campaigns in the Middle East. We started out with one site and a
series of ideas, but soon expanded into a solid network of a dozen
websites with growing influence. Some of our best efforts can be seen
here. We know that many people rely on our reports and material which
we spend hours each day gathering, analyzing, protesting, etc.
Anything from Baha’i rights to migrant rights, we do our best to stay
on top of things while we tackle grave issues as creatively as
possible with animated videos, social media campaigns, music, Google
maps, timelines, comics, etc.

Pulling off another successful year is a goal we must achieve, but
we’re not sure we can do it without you. Aside from our tough work
which requires a lot of our time, attention and energy, we also
voluntarily support other initiatives and websites in the Middle East
and North Africa by hosting (and occasionally designing/developing)
their sites for free. That doesn’t only require time, which we’re
happy to volunteer, but it also requires money. Servers,
unfortunately, aren’t free. And the more we and the partners whom we
host grow, the more expensive it gets – and we need your help to
ensure that our services to them will remain free and that hosting our
own sites will always be affordable.

In short: We need your help. If you like our work, appreciate our
efforts, find our information useful or otherwise just think we
generally rock, please take a minute to help out by donating. Every
dollar counts.

Please visit this page for details and the donation widget:

We hope that you can forward this message to your family and friends
and let them know that we need them.

Thank you!

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