Bilin Weekly Demo 08.01.2010 By Haitham Al Katib-media Coordinator of f.f.j

09 Jan
Three Injured and One Attempted Arrest in Bilin Village Weekly Demonstration

Today in Bilin Palestinian, Israeli, and International activists demonstrated against the apartheid wall and Israels illegal occupation. Following the afternoon prayer demonstrators marched to the wall holding pictures of Bassem Abu Rahmah and Palestinian flags. Those who have been lost due to Israeli violence were commemorated for the Martyrs Anniversary. During the demonstration Iyad Burnat head of the popular committee sent a message to US President Obama and Egypts Mubarak to stop supporting the apartheid wall, and to start working towards peace. He also denounced the Irish company C.R.H. who continues to support the building of the apartheid wall. While he spoke the army started to shoot tear gas and sound bombs at the demonstrators. Three people were injured. Abbas Al-Moumani from the AP press and Ratib Abu Rahma a member of the Bilin popular committee were both hit in the back of the head with tear gas canisters that had been shot at short range, and an Israeli activist was hit in the leg. Later, smoke bombs were shot into the crowd and three soldiers attempted to arrest an Israeli activist. The activist managed to break free when the soldiers outside the fence shot tear gas towards the three who were trying to make the arrest. Bilin has experienced two day time raids by the Israeli army in the last week. The army entered the village on Sunday January 3rd as well as Wednesday, January 6th

Published January 8,2010 on Palestine Video

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