Who benefits from Israeli occupation

06 Jan

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January 6, 2010: Recent coverage of the Middle East

More solidarity marches with Gaza

Protests in Israel and Egypt mark the first anniversary since Israel's attack on Gaza last winter  January 6, 2010

Gaza Freedom March in Israel

International, Israeli, and Palestinian activists demonstrate around Gaza against Israeli imposed siege  January 1, 2010

Israeli repression wave targets activists

Israel's recent wave of repression led to arrest of Jamal Juma', coordinator of Stop the Wall Campaign. December 22, 2009

A "game changer" in the Middle East

Haddad: Israel's prisoner exchange with HAMAS will release much of the Palestinian political leadership. December 16, 09

Israel's "settlement freeze"

Haddad: Negotiations because of Israel's partial settlement "freeze" would be political suicide for PA  December 8, 2009

Gideon Levy on the "peace process" Pt.2

Levy: Israel is pushing for negotiations but it doesn't plan on seriously implementing anything.  December 4, 2009

Gideon Levy on Israel's addiction

Levy: Israel is in a "coma" and needs outside help to get over its addiction to the occupation  December 4, 2009

Israel: Remote control occupation?

Baum: New technologies are allowing Israel to maintain control over its occupation remotely  November 7, 2009

Clinton, Goldstone and true cost of the occupation

Hever: The Israeli government is hiding the true cost of the occupation even from itself  November 2, 2009

Prosecuting Israel for war crimes

Deputy Prosecutor of Int'l Criminal Court discusses the Palestinian Authority appeal to join the court.  September 4, 2009

Israelis restrict Palestinians' water supply

World Bank report: Israelis have access to four times as much water as Palestinians due to restrictions  August 24, 2009

Homeless in East Jerusalem

On Aug 2 Israeli police evicted Palestinian families from E. Jerusalem, but could the reverse happen?  August 15, 2009

Who profits from Israeli occupation?

Boycotted by activists, the Israeli company AHAVA is backed by one of Israel's most powerful families  August 11, 2009

"Natural growth" of Israeli settlements

Israeli settlement construction, including "natural growth," obstacle to a two-state solution  June 22, 2009

Israel only listens to its own

Nissenbaum: Israel's skepticism of UN means it will probably only examine reports from its own soldiers March 31, 2009

Gaza war crimes: use of human shields

Guardian: Three teenage Palestinian brothers made to kneel in front of tanks to deter Hamas attacks Pt.2 March 26, 2009


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