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03 Jan

Founded by Haroon Al-Rashid Abu Arra, the aspiring actor/ radio celebrity from Jenin who wants to fight oppression through the Internet fight oppression These radio programmes made Haroon a sort of a local celebrity.

Rofto Radio statement : 

Youth to the youth and to everyone

We do believe that people all arround the world deserve to be liberated from all forms of opression.

The main idea of this project started in Palestine, we aim to have an international society made of people willing to establish justice in the world.

No matter who you are , no matter where you are,we value your ideas.


Opression and injustice could arise from different sources, from political situation, from military or cultural occupation , from poverty, from religious misunderstanding, from family structure and society, etc

Injustice happens everywhere, we do believe that the radio and the internet have no borders.They are useful tools for us to listen and share ideas to create a just world.


We are willing to fight injustice throu art and culture. This project is based on cultural exchange beween the youth from all arround the world.We will form an Internation working team and we’ll stand together as one voice and say ” NO TO INJUSTICE“.


If u are interested in joining us building this project and be part of the international team,please send us an email with your request to the following addess:



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